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Everything You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are appropriate for piano lessons?

The simply music piano program is appropriate for anyone age 7 and older. There is no age limit!

Is it true that you don't teach music reading?

We certainly do teach reading, but we delay the process until the student has developed a confidence and breadth of experience by actually playing. When we learned language we began by speaking, developing a practical grasp of communication before the additional layers of reading and writing were added. In music, when the complexity of deciphering the code on the page is removed, the student is free to establish a natural musical relationship with the instrument. After about a year of lessons when the student has built a substantial repertoire music reading is gradually introduced.

Do you offer group lessons?

Simply Music is effectively delivered in shared lessons. The dynamic, interactive format of our lessons allows a powerful, effective experience through its application of multi-sensory, receptive and generative learning strategies. Lessons are fun and allow students the opportunity to experience playing for and learning from their peers.

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