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About Me

Sandra Darjes — Licensed Simply Music Teacher

Music has been a lifelong passion for me. I studied classical piano for 10 years as a young person. I also studied the violin and cello and played in school orchestras. From a background of classical training, I ventured into other venues such as pop, jazz, gospel and church music. My enjoyment of music extends into singing with the City of Gardens Chorus (now Pacific Edge Chorus) in Victoria, B.C., an award winning 4 part a cappella women's chorus.

Before discovering Simply Music I taught traditional piano for over 20 years, both privately and through music schools. I have also worked with a music therapist in a developmental centre for children with special needs. Currently I volunteer at an elder care home to bring personalized music into the lives of those struggling with Alzheimer's and dementia. 


I am delighted to be teaching Simply Music's unique approach to playing piano. It is so rewarding to see my students excited about being able to play beautiful pieces in such a short period of time. Simply Music enables people of all ages to quickly gain a sense of their natural musicality. I am so grateful to have found Simply Music. It is a joy and privilege for me to impart my love of music to others through these programs.

At Cowichan Valley Piano Studio, I am excited to offer piano lessons using the Simply Music method. Everyone has the potential to learn to play the piano, share and enjoy music making. Imagine a world where anyone and everyone can express themselves through music.

Someone Playing Piano

Music Rhapsody focuses on the fun and on developing a life-long love of music through exploration of voices, movement and instruments.

Simply Music Gateway was designed to give students with special needs and learning differences a highly successful experience with musical expression. In particular, those on the Autism spectrum, or with learning disabilities, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, fine motor challenges and ADHD will benefit from the unique approach used in this teaching method.

Musical Notes

“I have been taking music lessons with Sandra for five years now using the "simply music" method. I am thrilled with the progress I have made on the piano. Although I took lessons many years ago as I child, I found Simply Music has opened up a whole new way of playing the piano. I look forward to my lessons and practicing is no chore as I want to play as often and as much as I can — thanks to my teacher Sandra and Simply Music!”

Ruth M.

"You have added a whole new dimension to my life.  The Simply Music method works - even for an adult with no prior learning of an instrument.  I'm forever grateful.  Thanks Sandra!"

Susan P.

"My oldest son took the Simply Music method for two years when we lived in the Bay Area in California. He absolutely loved it. It gave him so much confidence and a comfort with two-handed playing right away. I believe that the Simply Music method launched in my son a permanent love for music. It makes me really happy that he will be a lifelong piano player, thanks to Simply Music. It really is a wonderful system." 


Teddy K., Cowichan Valley mother

Sandra Darjes
Contact Me

I’m here to make learning the piano an enjoyable experience for you. Please inquire for a free introductory session. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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